“Just a line to say we have now had your lobster keeping system in for 18 months ,and over this period we have not had any problems what so ever. Your instructions for assembly were clear and concise and all labelled correctly. Whenever we have needed advice you have followed up immediately with the answer or remedy. Over the past 18 months we have increased our lobster sales by 300% ,and our customers have all reported that the quality is perfect. The mortality rate is 0%, if good lobsters go in, better lobsters come out! We at Hodgson Fish, @hodgsonfish/twitter would be pleased to recommend BioNovations to anyone."

Peter Hodgson

Owner, Hodgson Fish

United Kingdom


"Hi-Gear Seafood started off with a TSI-250 tank. This tank was bought in used condition and needed a rebuild before being put into service. We contacted the manufacturer, BioNovations, and they were very helpful not only with providing needed parts but also lots of good advice.
Once that project was completed we started looking at their much larger systems for our growing business. In the end we went with the TSI-2000 system. It arrived on time and was easily assembled in less than a day by two people, apart from the wiring and refrigeration. It took a while to get the biofilter going but this was entirely due to the fact that we were on a steep learning curve. Joe was very good with technical tips and words of encouragement and eventually we got it right.
The first system was such a success that we have recently installed a second TSI-2000. This one was up and running very quickly as we have learned the tricks involved with getting the biofilter to cycle mostly thanks to Joe and Rose.
We really like the “plug and play” aspect of BioNovations systems. The components are durable and the overall look is clean and professional which is important for our application as we serve retail as well as wholesale customers.
Hi-Gear Seafood highly recommends these products. They represent a straightforward way to grow your live seafood business in a cost effective manner."

Tim Webster
President, Hi-Gear Seafood
Victoria, B.C., Canada


"I am really happy that I bought my TS1-500 from BioNovations Inc.. This is a company who cares about their customers and you can rely on them 24 hours a day."

Dimitar Spasov, ET, Sofia, Bulgaria



"Homarus is a Polish company which provides live lobsters to the Polish market. To preserve live lobsters we are using BioNovations Inc.'s TSI-500 and stand alone biofiltration units. Over the years we have been supported by Joe Boudreau and his team with their expert knowhow and excellent post sale services. It is real pleasure to know that we can always count on BioNovations' team and on their reliable storage tanks."

Wojtek Polaczek
Homarus, Poland


"We enlisted the expertise of BioNovations Inc. to design and construct three recirculating lobster brood tanks in an effort to improve overall production at the Northumberland Fisheries Museum’s lobster hatchery.  The entire team at BioNovations has been invaluable; providing continuous support and assistance in every way asked of them.  As a result of using their live seafood holding systems, we have been equipped with the ability to suitably stagger batches of berried lobsters, so that lobster larvae production is more effective and efficient.  We will now be capable of raising and releasing more lobster larvae to the Northumberland Strait.  The quality of the service and product we received from BioNovations was second to none.  We are proud to support such an outstanding local business and would certainly recommend BioNovations Inc. to others who are considering purchasing one of their systems."


Jennifer Feehan,

Northumberland Fisheries Museum, Lobster Stock Enhancement Research Project, Nova Scotia, Canada


We purchased our BioNovations Live Seafood Holding System a number of years ago and to our amazement the electricity cost went down because of adding the highly efficient insulated tanks made of food grade virgin plastic from BioNovations.  

In addition, the lobster is kept in trays which minimizes their movements and lowers mortality and heat transfer from the lobsters. The trays allow faster inventory control and the tanks hold up well and still look brand new!  Bionovations have been interactive and thoroughly answered any questions or concerns immediately.  Joe Boudreau continues to implement new ideas and better ways to operate the system. 

The efficiency and reliability of BioNovations' system has allowed us to increase our capacity to three times of what we originally started with. 

Thank you BioNovations for making our live seafood industry a success!  

Darrell and Teresa Brodrick    



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