BioNovations Inc. believes that a sustainable seafood industry is vital to the environment and a necessity for healthy future generations. Through our innovative technology and solutions, we remain at the forefront of technology in meeting the demands of the market and provide technology for research initiatives.

BioNovations Inc. manufactures technologically advanced systems designed for live seafood holding and transport, as well as a wide variety of additional aquaculture applications. Seafood is a major part of the global food market as there are a large number of nutritional benefits that come from eating fresh, protein rich seafood. Current research reveals the critical state of our rivers, lakes, and oceans caused by global warming, unregulated fishing practices, and pollution. As a result, average sea temperatures are on the rise leading to acidification of the oceans, while coral reefs, biodiversity, clean water, and available seafood for human consumption are on a rapid decline. We understand that we are an integral part of our environment and so we must pursue the most efficient and sustainable practices as the only way we can move forward as a competitive business and as members of the global community. Additionally, we recognize the growing importance of fish farming to meet global seafood demands and to combat the decline in wild fish stocks, as nearly half of the total world fishery production is now obtained though aquaculture. Our mission is to develop and deliver quality, innovative products for our customers, resulting in a legacy of profitability, productivity, and trust.

Our Live Seafood Holding Systems are innovatively designed and engineered to replicate natural conditions and cycles found in aquatic ecosystems. A well-managed system should protect the species which live within it, as well as the natural environment around it. Clean water must be held as paramount for maintaining a top quality seafood product. Through biological and physical filtration our systems are able to remove waste products and provide excellent water quality and conserve water quantity with our closed-looped systems.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Our Live Seafood Transport Systems will allow for shipping of seafood over long distances and extended periods of time, both over land and sea. Both our transport trailers and ocean-faring containers minimize carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, resulting in a much lower carbon footprint than traditional methods such as air freight. Up until now live seafood holding and transport systems came with an inherently high mortality rate. Our systems are specifically designed to provide highly controllable environments and have significantly reduced mortality rates associated with long term storage and long haul transport. As a result, the cost of storing and shipping live seafood will greatly reduce loss of life during transport, thereby maximizing the use of the targeted species and increasing the payload.

Our systems are currently being used by research facilities to grow and hold live flatfish, finfish, snow crab, and lobster. We have partnered with Northumberland Fisherman’s Association, the Canadian Centre of Fisheries Innovation, Department of Aquaculture & Fisheries, Saint Francis Xavier University, Université de Sainte-Anne, and other industry stakeholders. Gaining understanding into dynamic aquaculture requirements for different species is crucial for providing fresh, safe, and sustainable seafood, and must be continually improved upon. We recognize the importance of continual research for the improvement of our current systems, as well as for the development of new innovative technologies to increase efficiency and to minimize raw material requirements and environmental impacts.

BioNovations Research & Development on Sustainability

Juvenile Lobster Culture Unit

Université Sainte – Anne, located in Nova Scotia, Canada, in partnership with BioNovations Inc., has developed a concept for a new innovative recirculation system for culturing juvenile lobsters. This system was developed in response to a need within the lobster industry for a cost effective manner of culturing high quantities of juvenile lobsters for the purpose of stock enhancement. 

Juvenile Lobsters are believed to have a higher survival rate after their release to the wild, ultimately result in greater long term benefits to the fishery. Despite these benefits, however, current enhancement programs in North America do not produce juveniles due to the lack of appropriate systems designed to handle their aggressive and cannibalistic nature.

This Juvenile Culture Unit is unique in that it is designed to meet the specific behavioural, nutritional and physiological requirements of juvenile lobsters while also being user –friendly, straight forward to operate and easy to maintain.

BioNovations contributes to the Northumberland Fisheries Lobster Hatchery

BioNovations Inc. in partnership with the Northumberland Fishermen’s association, universities and other public and private sector interests developed the first recirculation Lobster Hatchery in North America. This hatchery is the first one of its type on this continent that will be used to replenish dwindling stocks of lobster. The site is the first that can be used for experimentation, data collection, teaching and ongoing research.

The Benefits of the hatchery and the “first closed loop system” in North America are:

  • Recirculation is very kind to the environment. Recirculation aquaculture is the creation of an environment for a subject species without taxing, or destroying, the environment, we live in.
  • The recirculation system is very kind to the lobster larvae. They do not have to be handled or removed as required in other systems.
  • A recirculation system is not as labour intensive as other systems and much more cost effective. The initial cost is higher, and the operating costs are lower.
  • The capacity of the facility is around one million Stage IV lobster during the six month season when they can be put back into the Northumberland Strait.




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