Bio-Converter Unit           

BioNovations has a variety of specially custom designed bio-converters based on requirements of specific sizes and species . Each bio-converter is designed to provide the optimum surface area for nitrifying bacteria as well as providing oxygenated water throughout the system.

A bio-converter can easily be described as a filter system which provides a suitable attachment site for live nitrifying bacteria to grow; this breaks down harmful compounds in the water such as ammonia. The more surface area you have in your bio-converter for bacteria to grow, the cleaner the water will be in your system. Bio-converters play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy aquatic environment.

For our larger systems, BioNovations has developed the Integrated Water Treatment System as a compact and efficient device to provide modular bio-conversion to large seafood holding systems. The housing is a cylindrical polyethylene tank which ranges in size depending on the system requirements. The choice of biomedia combined with water flow and aeration achieves more than four (4) times the ammonia reduction per cubic foot of bio-converter compared to a silica based bio-converter.

The unit is very energy efficient and requires minimal maintenance and cleaning.

The Bio-Converter unit can be designed with:

  • Screen pre-filter
  • Foam fractionation protein skimmer
  • Activated carbon filter
  • UV sterilization


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