BioNovations' TS1-1000 Live Seafood Holding System is designed for wholesalers, retailers, fish markets, hotels, restaurants, and smaller wholesales operators that require live seafood holding capacities beyond regular display tanks. It is an ideal system for medium volumes of live seafood.


  • The TS1-1000 configuration is stacked one (1) tank wide and two (2) tanks high. All mechanical filtration, aeration, refrigeration, bio-conversion and are built into the system. The insulated Traystor® II holding tanks, optional insulated cover and insulated front insert make this system very energy efficient. A structural spacer is used to provide access between the tanks when stacked two (2) high.
  • The TS1-1000 is self-regulating for water level. As a result, the Traystor® II holding tanks and biological converter cannot be pumped dry.
  • The TS1-1000 is equipped with a condensing unit sized for each customer's requirements. The condensing unit is equipped with a titanium evaporator coil and an electronic temperature controller for accurate water temperature control. Combined heating/ cooling systems are available for warm water species. The system is equipped with a pump, manufactured from thermoplastic glass filled resin, sized for the system's flow requirements and compatible with seawater.
  • The TS1-1000 can easily hold up to 1000 lb/ 455 kg of live seafood, and like all of our systems, it can be connected to optional retail display cases.
  • The TS1-1000 systems come with optional alarm systems and water quality monitoring controllers.

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Contact us now and we'll build a system custom fit to your business.


This turnkey system comes ready to run with all components required for operating an efficient Live Seafood Holding System. All it requires is to be hard wired to the customer's electrical panel and turned on.




Arrangement:                      Two Traystor® II insulated food grade Rotomoulded polyethylene tanks
Dimensions:                         Front: 72.5” / 184 cm; Side: 69.5” / 176.5 cm; Height: 98.5” / 250.2 cm
Capacity:                              1000 lb / 455 kg (example: Homarus Americanus)
Water Volume:                    660 USG / 2498 L
Flow Rate:                             25-50 US gpm / 95-190 lpm (application dependent)
Power Requirements:       120, 240 or 230 v / 50 or 60 Hz / 1 phase
Refrigeration System:       1 to 1.5 HP / 0.75 to 1.12 kW unit (application dependent)
Temperature Controls:      Ranco ETC or Johnson A419 Temperature Controller
Evaporator:                           Titanium coil sized to match the condensing unit
Pump:                                     1/2 to 3/4 HP / 0.37 to 0.56 kW (application dependent)
Filtration:                                Bio-conversion, Activated Carbon Filter, Mechanical Filter

Included with System:

24 Holding Trays (handling, storing, shipping, inventory control and traceability)
Nitrifying Bacteria
Water Quality Test Kit
Fish Net

Optional Equipment:

Marine Salt
Titanium Heating System
Display Case
UV Sterilizer
Alarm System
Insulated Front Inserts

Insulated Covers

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Contact us now and we'll build a system custom fit to your business.